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Final date of entry shall be January 31, 2019. Late or incomplete entry forms can not be accepted.

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Provincial Syllabus

A NEW Provincial Syllabus has been published by AMAF.

Class numbers for the Rockwood Festival of the Arts are drawn from the 2015 Syllabus published by the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals.

The Syllabus is also available for purchase as a PDF document or in hard copy through Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals.

RFOTA Rules & Regulations


  1. Final date of entry shall be January 31, 2019. Late or incomplete entry forms can not be accepted.
  2. Name of the individual competitor must accompany the entry. No substitution of pupil’s name shall be accepted once entered.
  3. You are asked to assist the festival executive in its work by using the entry forms provided. Please note separate entry forms for each venue, including separate forms for Solos, Duet/Trio/Quartet and Group entries. Entry forms are attached in separate PDF files Piano – Vocal – Choral – Dance – Band & Instrumental – SpeechArts. All information must be filled in on the entry forms. Incomplete entry forms may be rejected.
  4. Note: Participants age and birth date required on entry forms. Contestant’s age is to be taken as of January 1, 2019.
  5. Choral entries from schools must have a minimum of 15 members. For smaller groups (5-12 persons) consider the Vocal Ensemble Classes as an alternative. (Provincial Syllabus page 194)
  6. Small schools not having enough children in one grade for a choir may combine two grades. This choir must be entered as the higher grade. When entering, state which grades are combined.
  7. Taped accompaniment of vocal or choral classes will be permitted where deemed necessary, however, the committee strongly urges live accompaniment as much as possible. Vocal backups on the tape are not permitted.
  8. Conductors of vocal and speech choirs/ensembles may not sing or speak with the class while conducting.
  9. No teacher, parent, or instructor is permitted to prompt, signal or conduct a contestant/group from the audience or the sidelines.
  10. Any contestant choosing to compete in a more advanced class may not also compete in a lower grade in that section. For example: a grade 2 piano student who decides to compete at a grade 3 level may not also compete at a grade 2 level.
  11. Competitors are required to supply copies of all performance selections for the adjudicator. Original copies must be submitted to the adjudicator’s secretary at the time indicated on the program or no mark will be given.
  12. Photocopies will only be accepted when:
    1. proof of written permission has been obtained from the owner of the copyright and attached to the photocopy.
    2. legal electronic downloads are accompanied by a receipt.
      Any other use of copied material will result in disqualification. For further clarification please see the 2015
      Provincial Syllabus, Definitions & Rules. Note: Test selections for Speech Arts will be provided by the festival but competitors must supply an original of own choice selection(s)
  13. No changes of own selection will be accepted after the entry deadline date.
  14. Any entrant choosing the wrong test piece will not be considered a competitor, and therefore, it is urged that authors, composers, publishers, and sources be carefully checked with the convenors.
  15. Adjudicator’s & Convenor’s decisions are final. No contestant, parent, or instructor may enter into discussion with the adjudicator.
  16. Where numbers are insufficient and do not justify an adjudicator, we reserve the right to cancel the class for the festival. Entrants will be so advised and entry fees returned.
  17. Non-residents and non-students of the Interlake School Division are welcome to participate in the Rockwood Festival of the Arts, be adjudicated, and receive a Merit Award. PLEASE NOTE: Awards, Scholarships, and the Provincial &National Recommendations each have their own specific criteria. Please see “The Rockwood Festival of the Arts Awards” for rules of each.
  18. Due to the family nature of our festival, choice of vocal performances, costuming and staging of ALL performances must be free of offensive language and suggestive content. Any RFOTA executive member, convenor or adjudicator can redirect or stop the performance if deemed necessary.
  19. DANCE- **ALL MUSIC MUST BE PROVIDED ON CD/DVD** (No i-Pods, i-Phones, laptops, etc.) Only one selection (entry) per CD/DVD. Please clearly mark your CD/DVD with Class, name, Entry Number, and provide it to the sound person at least 30 minutes prior to your class. New rules as of 2017, regarding costumes, choreography, lyrics and code of conduct……please see Dance Convenors pages 8 & 9 in the Addendum.
  20. Comments, concerns, or grievances regarding the 2019 Rockwood Festival of the Arts shall be submitted in writing, and mailed to: Rockwood Festival of the Arts Committee, P.O. Box 76, Teulon, Manitoba, R0C 3B0, on or before May 1, 2019. Emails will not be accepted.